Libya’s Oil Production Reaches 1.5 Million Barrels Per Day

Tripoli, Head of Libya’s National Unity Government Abdulhamid Al Dabaiba announced that Libyas oil production has reached one and a half million barrels per day, indicating that his government is working to ensure that this number reaches two million barrels in the future.

During a meeting of the National Unity Government cabinet Monday, Al Dabaiba also revealed that the states public revenues amounted to more than 43.7 billion Libyan dinars as of May 2024, while spending amounted to 32 billion, calling for the citizen not to be burdened with the parallel spending tax that is not subject to any system.

The National Oil Corporation announced Monday that crude oil production in the country reached 1,254,350 barrels during the past twenty-four hours, indicating that the total production of crude oil, condensates and natural gas reached 522,333 barrels equivalent per day.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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