MoI: We are keen to invest the expertise of the EU advisory mission in Iraq

Baghdad / NINA / – The Ministry of Interior has appreciated the efforts and support of the European Union’s advisory mission in Iraq, to support the success of organizing the activities of the Arab Gulf Cup Football Championship in Basra, “Khaleeji 25”.

The representative of the Minister of Interior, Adviser to the Minister for Training Affairs, Major General Ziyad Taha, said during the meetings of the “Major Events Symposium” held today, Monday, in the capital, Baghdad, “The Ministry of the Interior, through its 100-year career and experience in maintaining security and order, has acquired the human and scientific competencies and capabilities that enable it to perform its tasks effectively and impactfully, in a manner commensurate with the size of the threats and challenges facing its various classifications.”

He added, “The ministry has proven its high presence to confront global terrorism, which is represented by the terrorist organization ISIS, and the ministry’s combat units, which include the Federal Police Forces, the Rapid Intervention Squad, the Border Forces Command and the emergency regiments, along with other national military units and the popular Mobilization, were able to defeat terrorism and eliminate terrorism.”

He went on to say, “The international support efforts represented by the international coalition, United Nations agencies and international community organizations had a role in achieving victory and supporting the ministry’s efforts to establish societal peace. We salute the international support effort provided to the ministry and we proudly appreciate the sincere desire of the European Union to provide support to the Ministry of Interior by sending the European Union advisory mission to reform the security sector since 2017 until now, which provides advisory support to the security and service agencies, by benefiting from the successful security experiences of the EU countries.

The government advisor stressed, “The Ministry of Interior was keen to achieve investment in the expertise available to the European advisory mission, despite the available challenges that faced its work for the years 2019 to 2022 in light of the Corona pandemic,” noting, “The holding of the 25th Arab Gulf Cup in Iraq represented a major security event on the national, international and Arab level, and it was considered a security challenge that required the ministry to mobilize all human and logistical energies to make this event a success and reach its desired goals,” referring to the experience of organizing the World Cup in Qatar and the impressive success achieved by the Qatari brothers in good organization and quality of services that were an incentive and inspiration for Iraq in striving for the Arab Gulf Cup to be at the level of the World Cup, and we succeeded in that together.

He explained, “During the 25th Gulf Cup, the ministry was keen to benefit from the expertise of the European Union’s advisory missions, with regard to managing major events and adopting the latest methods in protection and security. The mission’s field advisors attended the tournament and were briefed on the efforts of the security and service agencies during the event.”/ End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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