More Than Half Of Sudan’s Population Needs Humanitarian Aid, According To The UN

The United Nations estimated that the number of people in need of humanitarian assistance in Sudan is about 25 million, and about $3.03 billion the volume of emergency aid necessary for the country and those fleeing war to neighboring countries, whose number is expected to exceed one million this year.

“Today, 25 million people – more than half of Sudan’s population – need humanitarian assistance and protection,” Ramesh Rajasingham, Director of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Geneva, told reporters, explaining that this number is “the largest number” of people in need of humanitarian assistance recorded by the UN agency in this regard in this country at all.

The United Nations stated it expects to need 2.56 billion dollars to provide aid inside Sudanese territory, compared to 1.75 billion dollars, according to estimates at the end of last year.

The battles that have been going on for more than a month in Sudan have left nearly a thousand dead, about 840,000 displaced, and 220,000 refugees.

These funds will allow relief agencies to reach the 18 million people who are considered the most vulnerable in the country, according to Rajasingham./ End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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