Occupation Forces Continue to Storm Jenin City and Camp, Destroy Infrastructure and Property

Occupied Jerusalem, The Israeli occupation forces have continued their incursion into the occupied West Bank city of Jenin and its camp since last night, destroying infrastructure and citizens property.

Palestinian news agency (WAFA) reported violent confrontations between the Palestinians and the occupation forces who launched a massive campaign of raids on homes in the eastern neighborhood and in the Jenin Camp, while the occupation bulldozers continue to destroy the infrastructure in Jenin and its camp, especially in Al-Damj and Al-Samran neighborhoods, amid intense drone overflights.

Meanwhile, the Israeli drones bombed the house of a citizen with Energa missiles, and bombed a vehicle in the camp, while bulldozers continued to destroy the infrastructure, including the electricity and water networks, press sewage, and streets.

The occupation forces has continued to besiege Ibn Sina Hospital, preventing the wounded and sick from reaching the hospital, according to hospital director Wissam Bakr.

The occupation forces also launched a massive arrest campaign in Jenin and its camp.

This morning, the Israeli occupation forces deployed more military reinforcements in Jenin and its camp.

Director of Al-Razi Hospital Fawaz Hammad told WAFA that a young man was shot in the shoulder by the occupation forces, and that his injury was described as stable. Earlier, three citizens were injured by occupation bullets.

The Israeli army had declared the city of Jenin and its camp a closed military zone and deployed its forces with large reinforcements in several neighborhoods.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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