Occupation tanks expand the military operation in Rafah towards the city center and the Rafah crossing continues to be closed

Gaza – Ma’an Exclusive – On the eighth day of the start of the military occupation operation in Rafah, Israeli occupation tanks crossed Salah al-Din Street, east of the governorate.

Salah El-Din Street is located 2 kilometers from the border with Palestine occupied in 1948, and is located on the border of the population density of the eastern Rafah neighborhoods.

The tanks entered the west of the Rafah crossing in what appeared to be an attempted incursion across the border with Egypt.

Other tanks also entered George Street in the Al-Salam neighborhood amid artillery shelling that included the neighborhood in addition to the Brazil neighborhood and the Tannour area surrounding Al-Najjar Hospital and Khirbet Al-Adas, where the occupation destroyed the headquarters of the Palestinian Red Crescent.

The occupation tanks and aircraft expanded the bombing circle to reach the city center, including Al-Awda Roundabout, Al-Shaboura Camp, and Yabna Camp, which have the highest population density in Rafah.

g to the United Nations, more than 350,000 Palestinians have left Rafah, while local circles confirm the departure of more than half a million out of 1,300,000 who resided in Rafah in recent months.

Hundreds of thousands of displaced people also left west of Rafah, although those areas have not yet been threatened by the occupation army.

As the operation continues, the Rafah crossing continues to be closed, and the Israeli siege on various areas of the Gaza Strip tightens.

Source: Maan News Agency

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