Palestinian companies support the steadfastness of our people in Gaza

Ramallah – Together – Islam Abu Arra – Despite the huge losses incurred by Palestinian companies and banks as a result of the war waged by the occupation; However, it did not hesitate to move quickly to provide support to the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, where the land and people were subjected to a wave of severe attacks, and the destruction was not limited to property, but also affected the lives of innocent people.

Despite the harsh conditions imposed by the siege and the closure of the crossings, the food and in-kind assistance provided by these companies and banks had a significant impact in alleviating the suffering of our people in Gaza and confronting the effects of the ongoing war of extermination in the eyes of the entire world.

Humanitarian initiatives of Palestinian banks

In a statement issued by the Bank of Palestine Group, the company announced the provision of tangible humanitarian support during the humanitarian crisis that the Gaza Strip is going through as a result of the recent

The statement included providing a variety of services and assistance to the affected and displaced people, as the bank provided food parcels in the West Bank in addition to providing one million meals in the Gaza Strip.

The statement explained that the tremendous humanitarian efforts included providing hot meals, mineral water, and urgent financial aid to patients, in addition to providing winter supplies and providing psychological support to families and children in shelter centers.

These efforts represent a continuation of the assistance provided by the group since the beginning of the war, the total value of which amounted to approximately 2.5 million US dollars.

In addition, the Bank of Palestine Group announced a strategic partnership with the Welfare Association to care for 20,000 orphans in the Gaza Strip, with an annual contribution of $2 million. The Arab Islamic Bank made a contribution worth $250,000 to provide food supplies in the Gaza Strip, in response to an appeal from the United Nat
ions World Food Programme.

In a similar move, the Palestine Islamic Bank provided thousands of hot meals to displaced families in the Gaza Strip, affirming its solidarity with the national efforts to help the people of Gaza in light of the difficult circumstances they are going through as a result of the war.

Palestine Communications Group and PADICO are at the forefront of assistance

Despite the significant losses in the infrastructure of the Palestinian Telecommunications Group “Paltel and Jawwal”, and even the loss of some employees as a result of aggressive targeting, it acted in a high-level humanitarian spirit during the difficult times that the Gaza Strip is experiencing as a result of the war, and did not skimp on its efforts in providing support and assistance under direct supervision and direction. From the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Palestinian Telecommunications Group, Mr. Bashar Masri, as these efforts were organized and implemented despite the challenges, which contributed
to alleviating the suffering of the population and providing them with appropriate support in these difficult circumstances.

Since the beginning of the war, the Palestinian Telecommunications Group and PADICO moved immediately to provide support and assistance to the people of Gaza. It was the first initiator to provide a helping hand to our people in Gaza since the first days of the war. It provided hundreds of thousands of food parcels and ready-made meals to the displaced and affected people, and opened kitchens. ‘Gaza Kitchens.’ Al-Azza” to provide free meals in the northern, southern and central areas of the Strip.

With this strong solidarity and serious cooperation, the cooperation between the Palestine Telecommunications Group and PADICO appears as an example to be followed in providing support and assistance in light of crises, and many influencers on social media published calls for companies at the beginning of the war to redouble their efforts and follow the example of these leading companies in
providing assistance to our people in Gaza. This interaction reflects the commitment to supporting the community and standing by the people of Gaza at all times.

In a related context, Bashar Masri, through his ‘On the Ground’ initiative, in cooperation with the Wall and Settlement Authority, restored houses that were completely burned by settlers in the villages of Al-Mughayir and Duma in the West Bank during the escalating settler attacks.

For its part, Ooredoo has provided tangible humanitarian efforts to support the affected people of the Gaza Strip. Since the beginning of the war, the company has provided thousands of free food packages, and it still continues to provide support to the displaced and affected people in the region.

In addition, Ooredoo has organized a number of entertainment activities for children, in cooperation with the Sharek Youth Forum and other local bodies, with the aim of relieving the psychological pressure on children in light of the difficult conditions they are going through

Despite the great challenges and difficulties imposed by the war and the lack of resources, the Palestinian companies, some of which we mentioned in our report, rushed to extend a helping hand to our people in Gaza. These efforts embodied the solidarity of private sector companies with the Palestinian citizen, and showed courage and determination to face challenges and provide support in difficult circumstances.

Source: Maan News Agency

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