Pictures.. In preparation for Eid al- Ghadir.. The Holy Shrine of Imam Ali begins spreading manifestations of adornment and joy

Najaf, In preparation for the celebrations of Eid al-Ghadeer, the cadres of the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali began spreading decorations in the corridors of the shrine and throughout the city of Najaf as part of the celebration of Wilayah Week and the auspicious occasion of the Greater Eid of God.

The head of the media department at the Imam Ali Shrine, Haider Rahim, said, ‘This year’s Eid al-Ghadir includes many cultural, scientific, religious, and doctrinal activities inside the Imam Ali Shrine, in Najaf, and the rest of the Iraqi provinces, in addition to other activities that will be held in several countries around the world on the auspicious occasion.’

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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