Presidency: Armenia’s recognition of statehood is an important step towards achieving peace and stability

Today, Friday, the Palestinian Presidency welcomed the decision of the Republic of Armenia to recognize the State of Palestine as an independent and sovereign state, expressing great appreciation for this courageous and important decision, which is considered an important step towards strengthening bilateral relations and achieving peace and stability in the region.

The Presidency renewed its thanks to the Republic of Armenia for this brave and wise step that demonstrates the bonds of friendship between the two peoples and two friendly countries, and the keenness of Armenia, the government and the people, to support the Palestinian people and their inalienable and legitimate rights to their land and homeland, and their right to self-determination.

The Presidency indicated that this wise decision by the friendly Republic of Armenia comes as a praiseworthy contribution from countries that believe in the two-state solution as an option that follows international will and legitimacy as a strategic option, and
contributes to saving this solution that is being subjected to systematic destruction, and contributes to achieving security, peace and stability for all.

The Presidency urged the countries of the world, especially the European countries that have not yet recognized the State of Palestine, to do so based on international legitimacy resolutions and the 1967 lines, including the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and to follow the example of Spain, Ireland, Norway, Slovenia and Armenia, which It chose the path of supporting the achievement of peace and stability and consolidating the rules of international legitimacy and international law, and thus the countries that have recognized the State of Palestine have become 149 countries.

On this occasion, the Presidency extended its thanks to the brotherly and friendly countries and peoples that contributed to reaching this stage, and thanks are extended to the Arab-Islamic Ministerial Committee, which continues its efforts, contacts, and appre
ciated visits in this regard.

The Presidency praised the efforts made by the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, the Supreme Presidential Committee for Church Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, the embassies of the State of Palestine, and all relevant Palestinian agencies

Source: Maan News Agency

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