President da Silva: ‘Israel’ commits a genocide in Gaza

Brazilia, Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has renewed his accusation of Israeli occupation of ‘genocide’ against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip.

‘What Israel does is not a war, it is genocide because it kills women and children, there are thousands of dead children and thousands of missing, the soldiers are not who die but women and children in hospital ‘, President da Silva was quoted by WAFA as saying during an event in Rio de Janeiro on Friday.

During his participation in an African Union summit on 18 this month, the Brazilian President had described the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip as genocide, saying that what was happening in Gaza Strip was not a war but an extermination, not a war against soldiers, but it is a war between a highly prepared army and women and children.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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