Putin calls work with CIS, strengthening of ties in CSTO a priority for diplomats

MOSCOW, The development of cooperation with CIS member states ( Commonwealth of Independent States) and the strengthening of ties within the CSTO ( The Collective Security Treaty Organization), EAEU (The Eurasian Economic Union) and BRICS remains an unchanged priority for Russian diplomatic workers, President Vladimir Putin said.

‘The development of cooperation with CIS states, the buildup of integrational processes within the EAEU, the strengthening of ties within the CSTO and the Union State remain an unchanged priority,’ TASS quoted the president as saying in his congratulatory address, dedicated to the Diplomat’s Day.

According to the president, quality fulfillments of tasks and obligations, related to Russia’s presidency in the CIS and the expanded BRICS.

The Diplomat’s Day is a professional holiday for all Russian diplomatic employees, celebrated annually on February 10.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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