QRCS Launches Health Response Project in Yemen

Doha: The Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) launched a new health response project in Yemen, with the aim of improving the level of emergency obstetric services provided to refugees and migrant in the country, by supporting and developing the medical infrastructure of Al-Hafi Medical Complex in Sana’a, Yemen.

QRCS said in a statement on Tuesday that its representative office in Yemen is initiating the process of expanding the scope of intervention for comprehensive obstetric emergency services, by providing medicine, medical supplies and equipment, furniture and maintenance, in parallel with assuming technical and construction procedures, to establish a fully equipped operating room, and an intensive care department, in addition to another for incubators and newborns. These units will be established in order to ensure that natural and cesarean deliveries proceed smoothly and safely.

This project comes within the projects implemented by UN agencies to provide care for refugees and migrants who have migrated
and left their homelands voluntarily or forcibly to other countries in search of livelihoods.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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