Russia intends to establish hundreds of air bases specialized in drones

Russian media revealed today, Monday, Russia’s intention to build air bases for drones at Yamal and Chukotka airports by 2024.

The Russian newspaper “Izvestia”, quoting sources in the Russian Ministry of Transport, stated that the first nine cities have already been identified, and the airports will be equipped with a unified infrastructure for communications, navigation and control to support drone flights.

According to the sources of the Ministry of Transport, the list includes Anadyr, Berengovsky, Kanchalan, Markovo, Salekhard, Salimal, Panaevsk, Petlyar and Lobukhari.

The Ministry of Transport will determine the technical and financial criteria for projects to equip air bases in these regions in 2023.

According to the Russian “Sputnik” website, by 2030 it is planned that such bases of drones will be equipped in 290 airports in the country.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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