Russian Forces Strike Ammunition Depot near Kyiv

Moscow, Russia’s Defense Ministry said that its aerial strikes had hit an ammunition depot serving the 43rd mechanized brigade of Ukraines Armed Forces near the village of Devichki in the Kyiv region.

Russian forces also struck manpower and military equipment of Ukraine’s 33rd and 118th mechanized brigades near Rabotino in the Zaprozhye Region, Russias Defense Ministry said in a report.

As a result, 50 troops, two cars, and two artillery were destroyed, the ministry said.

Russian forces repel three attacks in Vasiukovka, Rozdolivka and Klishevka, killing 305 soldiers, and destroying five armored vehicles, six cars, and two artillery. Russia began a military operation in Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022, and it is still ongoing, with no signs of an end. This is happening amidst significant divergence of positions of the conflicting parties and the involvement of other international actors in the crisis.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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