Russian President Accuses US of Attempting to Weaken Russia’s Economy

Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the United State of America of attempting to undermine his country’s economy though imposing new sanctions, affirming that all US attempts to isolate Russia have failed.

Prior to his anticipated visit to North Korea today, Putin said the US tries to undermine the Russian economy through imposing new sanctions and instigating social and political tensions in Russia, the objective, he said, is to inflict a strategic defeat upon Russia and subsequently perpetuate the conflict in Ukraine.

He pointed out that Russia is ready for close cooperation in making the international relations more democratic and stable. For that end, Russia will embark on developing alternative mechanisms for trade and mutual settlements that are not controlled by the West, Putin added, affirming that a structure of equal and indivisible security will be built in Eurasia.

Regarding the Russia-North Korea relations, Putin affirmed that they date back to more than Severn decades and are rich of historic traditions, lauding the North Korea’s support of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine. He added that Russia and North Korea actively work to upgrade a multi-faceted partnership.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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