Saad: Palestine is due for a visit by a large labor and union solidarity delegation

Ramallah – Together – Shaher Saad, Secretary General of the Palestinian Federation of Trade Unions, confirmed the completion of the Federation’s preparations to receive the international trade union and labor solidarity delegation, which will visit Palestine from May 28 – 30, 2024 AD, where it will include the heads of the major labor and trade union federations in the world, including: –

Luke Triangle, Secretary General, International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), which represents 277 million workers around the world; Christy Hoffman, Secretary General, UNI Global Union; and Stephen Cotton, Secretary General, International Road Transport Union. ITF, Ambit Yuson, Secretary General of the International Timber Federation (BWI), Atlee Howe, Secretary General of IndustriAll, Daniel Bertossa, Secretary General of the Public Service International (PSI), and David Edwards, Secretary General of the International Federation of Education (EI), Tim Dawson, Deputy Secretary General of the International Federation of
Journalists (IFJ), and Ms Solongley, Secretary General of the International Federation of Agriculture and Food Industries (IUF).

All of these unions represent the male and female workers’ community in the United Nations, the International Labor Organization, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, the G8 and the G20.

In addition, Shaher Saad, Secretary General of the Palestinian Federation of Trade Unions, said, ‘This visit represents a natural extension of the global solidarity movement with the Palestinian people, whose scope and effectiveness is expanding from Melbourne to California, to reach Palestine itself, due to the desire of those making the visit to get to know closely the Palestinian people.’ The suffering of our people, meeting with Palestinian leaders, and the labor, trade union, social and political activities of the Palestinian community.’

He added, “The General Federation of Palestinian Trade Unions, from the first moment of the barbaric Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, embarked
on a large-scale global communications campaign to explain what is happening in Palestine, expose the crimes of genocide committed in Gaza and the West Bank, and attract more support and advocacy for our people.” .

This helped the Union’s allies and friends organize marches in the streets of Europe, Australia, Asia, and cities in the United States of America, including massive public and student demonstrations, and disrupting transport and shipping traffic at ports suspected of exporting weapons and ammunition to the Israeli occupation state.

This is in response to the call launched by the Union on October 19, 2023 AD, in which it called on workers in industrial facilities around the world that export their products to the Israeli occupation state, especially workers in the oil, petrochemical, mining, or shipping and transportation sectors, because of the role that these products and resources play in feeding… The Israeli war machine, to stop working.

The General Federation of Palestinian Trade Unions al
so asked the heads of trade unions and trade union entities, and transport and port workers in Arab countries exporting oil, gas, and other minerals, to suspend work in every facility that exports its products to countries that have publicly declared their support for the Israeli attack on Gaza, and to exit. To the streets in their countries to denounce the massacre, and to demand the extinguishing of the flames of the Holocaust ignited by the Israeli monster; Its fire reached everything in Gaza, and it put pressure on their governments to ask the Israeli occupation state and the American administration to stop this barbaric aggression immediately.

The Union also appealed to all working people around the world, in the name of the union and labor duty, which they contracted to fulfill, when they decided to work together on this humanitarian front, the front of extracting rights from those who deny them and delivering them to their owners and those who deserve them, regardless of their places of residence and

The Union called on the workers of the world to move forward in raising the banner of truth, which should not be raised by any other banner, and to raise the speech and anthem of justice so that the deaf can hear it and the blind can see it, and to reject violence, extremism and hatred in all their diversity and multiple forms. And destroying the desire of the powerful to seize the goods of the poor, whether they are states, governments, individuals or groups, because this hope cannot be achieved except with the solidarity of workers together, to fight injustice and oppression wherever it may be.

Source: Maan News Agency

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