Settlers attack the town of Al-Mughayir and shoot homes

On Friday, settlers attacked the town of Al-Mughayir, east of Ramallah, and opened fire on several homes.

The head of the Al-Mughir Council, Amin Abu Aliya, said: Dozens of settlers attacked the town from the eastern side.

He stated that the settlers opened fire on several homes, causing confrontations to erupt with dozens of citizens.

He pointed out that a large number of settlers are present at the entrance to the town under the protection of the Israeli army, amid a state of anticipation and tension.

In conjunction with an ongoing war on Gaza, settlers increased their attacks in the West Bank, and the Israeli army escalated its operations. Which led to the death of 462 citizens, the injury of about 4,750, and the arrest of 8,145

Source: Maan News Agency

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