Qatar’s Al Obaidli wins gold in Snooker 6 Red

DOHA, Qatar’s Ali al Obaidli clinched the gold in GCC Men’s Snooker 6 Red after beating Bahrain’s Habib Subah in a best of 11 frames at Levatio Hotel, Muscat on Sunday.

In GCC Men’s 8 Ball Team 2019 held from November 30 to December 1, Kuwait won the gold, Qatar claimed silver and United Arab Emirates and Bahrain took the bronze medals.

After winning the event Al Obaidli said, Everything was okay but just to finish the match was difficult. There was a lot of pressure and every shot counts. It was not my best but I am grateful that at the end I got it.”

As for the tournament experience he said, It is my first time in Oman and I love it! Everything is well organised and I would like to express my gratitude to the Oman Billiard and Snooker Committee.”

The total duration of the Snooker 6 Red final match was three hours and Al Obaidli beat Subah with a score of 6 frames to 4 (6-4). In this match however, Subah made the maximum in 6 Red � 75 points. That makes him the only player to have hit 75 points in this championship so far. Al Obaidli, meanwhile is the only player who is unbeaten in the tournament and won the gold medal and the championship of 6 Red event.

Habib Subah, a regular at GCC Championship tournaments and the defending champion of 6 Red, said Ali al Obaidli is a very talented player. They have played against each other many times taking turns to win. The audience sat spellbound to witness the players bring out their best techniques as both players had equal chances to win. Just before the match, Subah said playing the 6 Red was similar to the 15 Reds.

Whatever the game the important factors are to be a good potter, break the builder and a good safety player,” said Subah. By being a safety player he explained that one does not leave an easy starter for the opponent to score first.”

The 6 Red is considered tougher because there is less chance for recovery and at times never a chance to recover explained Shoaib Khan, Tournament Director. Referee Mohammed Motaz from Oman supervised the match.

Habib Subah took the lead in the first frame but the following four frames were dominated by Ali al Obaidli. The fifth frame had the players take turn to pot the pink ball until Ali successfully took it. With determination Subah came back in the sixth frame. The 2 hour 30 minute long match ended in Al Obaidli’s favour 5-3.

GCC Men’s 8 Ball Team 2019 in Billiards saw Kuwait take the lead ranked first, Qatar (2nd), United Arab Emirates (3rd), Bahrain (4th), Saudi Arabia (5th) and Oman (6th).

For the first time in the tournament the under 21 players began their event. The ‘Under 21’ 6 Red Snooker has junior participants from Oman, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Oman has two players Basam al Mashani and Fahd al Maqbali, Khalil Bo Saif from Bahrain and Ayman al Omari from Saudi Arabia,” said Shohaib Khan.

Source: Qatar Olympic Committee