QREC management hold meeting with show horse owners

QREC management held a meeting with the show horse owners at QREC on Monday 23 September 2019, evening. Present were QREC CEO Nasser bin Sherida Al-Kaabi, QREC Head of Show Section Hassan bin Abdulla Al-Mannai and a large number of show horse owners.

Several topics related to the approaching new season were discussed during the meeting. In addition, the horse show owners raised a number of views, which would maximise benefit from QREC’s commitment to horse shows.

It was a productive meeting, said QREC Head of Show Section Hassan bin Abdulla Al-Mannai, because the relation between QREC and horse show owners is based on a mutual wish to enhance the shows and support the owners at all times. The QREC executives and owners in attendance hailed Qatar’s election to the membership of the European Conference of Arab Horse Organisations (ECAHO) Executive Committee.

The owners expressed their pleasure that QREC would organise, as part of the shows, special contests for the best Qatari breeder and the best horse as well as separate shows for yearling fillies and colts. They also appreciated the introduction of show horse items and equipment during the shows. It was agreed to organise an auction for show horses before the Qatar International Arabian Horse Show with the exhibits limited to horses qualifying for the Show in order to ensure the high quality of the sale. It was also agreed to seek trainers from Europe to train the horses participating in the Qatar International Arabian Horse Show to enhance the standard.

It was agreed during the meeting to adopt the horse show calendar of the new season, which includes five shows. These are the 22nd Qatar National Arabian Horse Show, the 29th Qatar International Arabian Horse Show, the 10th Qatar International Arabian Peninsula Horse Show, the 8th Qatar National Arabian Horse Show for Individual Owners and the 5th Qatar National Arabian Peninsula Horse Show for Individual Owners. Finally, congratulations were extended to Sheikh Saoud bin Abdullah bin Khalid Al-Thani, Saif Al-Hajri and me for having been included in the national list of international judges of ECAHO-affiliated Arabian horse shows.

Source: Qatar Racing & Equestrian Club