Syria, India to boost relations in all fields

Speaker of the People’s Assembly, Hammouda Sabbagh, stressed the need to strengthen ties between Syria and India and advance them in all fields.

Meeting today with the Ambassador of India in Damascus, Irshad Ahmed, Sabbagh described as deeply rooted and strong the bilateral relations, stressing the necessity of working to boost and advance them in all fields, especially the parliamentary ones in terms of exchanging visits and delegations and benefiting from the experiences of the two countries.

Sabbagh reviewed the war, crises and unjust economic siege that Syria is being exposed to, and underlined the continued adherence to belonging to Arabism along with the steadfastness in the face of all challenges until the victory over terrorism is achieved completely.

Ambassador Ahmed hailed the historical relations between the two countries, which played a major role in crises and wars during successive historical eras, pointing to ‘the importance of working to develop and strengthen them in the parliamentary, edu
cational, economic and other fields in order to achieve the common benefit and be in the interest of the two peoples

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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