Syria participates in International Festival of Independent Cinema of Casablanca

National Film Organization is participating in the official competition of International Festival of Independent Cinema Casablanca (FICIC) in its 2nd session, through narrative film “The Road” by director Abdellatif Abdelhamid. The festival will start on Friday, and is hosted by Casablanca, Morocco.

The film, will compete with 12 films from 16 Arab and foreign countries.

The film depicts a simple rural scene whose characters belong to their environment, which is colored by warm life details that bear their hopes and disappointments as a result of the storms of life.

The main hero of its events is child Saleh and his suffering as a result of being accused of stupidity by everyone around him, but his grandfather who bears the same name took it upon himself to transform the child’s cognitive stupidity to cognitive and aesthetic intelligence.

The film won three awards at Carthage Film Festival.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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