Syria participates in Multilateral Conference for Protection of Asian Cultural Heritage in China

With participation of Syria, First Multilateral Conference for Protection of Asian Cultural Heritage in China was launched aiming at cooperating to protect the archaeological cultural heritage, supporting efforts aimed at recovering ruins and combating their smuggling.

The conference focuses on enhancing the research and scientific expertise exchange in the field of excavation and restoration, and establishing a common platform for mutual benefit in protecting the tangible cultural heritage of state members of the alliance, in addition to joint work to turn it into an economic lever and one of the cornerstones of sustainable development.

During the conference, Minister of Culture, Dr. Labana Mashouh, has affirmed that Syria was among the first countries to accept the invitation to establish this alliance.

Mashouh highlighted the years of terrorist war that waged against Syria over the last decade targeting the Syrian tangible and intangible cultural heritage, which has been exposed to sabotage, unjust excavations, plundering and smuggling.

She noted to the effects of unilateral embargo and the devastating earthquake on the archaeological sites which some of them are registered on the World Heritage List, such as Palmyra, Kingdom of Mari and other sites.

The Minister went on saying ‘we worked as governmental institutions, civil society organizations, and individuals to provide all possible to protect and preserve our ancient heritage with all available means.

The conference was held Tuesday with the participation of all founding countries, as the Charter of Asian Alliance for Protection of Cultural Heritage was adopted, in addition to the joint action plan

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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