Syria remains the cradle of arts …heritage crafts exhibition opened in Damascus

More than 15 artists and artisans participate in the exhibition “Syria remains the cradle of arts “, organized by Noon groups for handmade artwork and the Watan Document Foundation.

The two- day expo features paintings, sculptures, embroideries, dolls for children, the arts of Damascene painting and copper pressing, as well as works of wooden decorations, stone mosaics, textile arts, knitting, crochet, rugs, and hand accessories.

Speaking to the journalists, Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees of “Watan Document Foundation”, Buthaina Shaaban said that the Syrians have innovated in the revival and development of handicrafts.

“The foundation is interested in preserving the heritage and encouraging the related works with the aim of preserving the national identity and tangible and intangible heritage,” Shaaban made the remarks during the opening of the expo on Friday.

All the crafts we see today are part of the Syrian identity which are in the heart, minds of their citizens and that the secret of the Syria’s survival and continuity for tens of thousands of years, Shaaban added.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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