Syria signs two cooperation agreements with Belarus and Iran

General Federation of Trade Unions of Syria signed two cooperation agreements with Trade Union Confederations in Belarus and Iran.

That camae during a visit of a delegation from the federation to both countries headed by Jamal Al-Qadiri, President of the Federation.

The agreement with Belarus stipulates the exchange of trade union expertise, especially in issues of climate change and the global efforts to reduce relying on fossil fuels and the necessity of a just transition towards a green economy.

The agreement also stipulates unifying joint efforts at international trade union forums, in addition to the possibility of securing scholarships for a number of workers’ sons in order to study at International University of Confederation in Belarus.

The confederation in Belarus condemned embargo policy and unilateral measures imposed by the US and the West on Syria.

During the visit, al-Qadri discussed with Confederation President, Mikhail Orda, cooperation between the two countries.

On the sidelines of the visit, al-Qadri also held an expanded quadripartite meeting with President of Trade Unions in Egypt, Mohamed Gibran, and President of Trade Unions of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Alexander Korthagen.

The meeting underlined the importance of forming a progressive front against US hegemony, which imposes economic sanctions on countries that do not comply with its policy.

In similar visit to Tehran and in the presence of the Syrian Ambassador to Iran, Shafiq Dayoub, the Syrian delegation discussed with Iranian Minister of Cooperation, Labor and Social Prosperity, Sault Mortazavi, cooperation between the two countries, especially in the labor field.

Al-Qadri presented briefed the Iranian side on the situation in Syria and the current challenges facing the Syrian economy due to the terrorist war.

In turn, Mortazavi underscored that strengthening relations between the two brotherly peoples is a main goal of the Iranian government, stressing that union relations serve the interest of workers in both countries.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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