Syrian Embassy in Moscow receives relief material from Dagestani ‘Insan’ Association

Syrian Embassy in Moscow has received a large batch of relief materials sent by the ‘Insan’ Association in the Republic of Dagestan to the earthquake victims in Syria. The Syrian embassy in Moscow sent the freight vehicles and the supplies loaded on board on Tuesday to the military airport in the suburbs of Moscow, to be later transported by air to Syria. Insan Association also sent a letter along with the relief materials confirming that this aid comprises the required supplies on the list sent by the Syrian embassy, including foodstuffs, infant formula and other supplies. Insan Association noted that the value of the aid amounts to 31,500,000 rubles and its weight is 59 tons. Syrian Embassy in Moscow continues its relentless efforts to complete the dispatch of relief materials stored in warehouses in Moscow to Syria.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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