Syrian, Iraqi talks to boost cooperation in transport sector

Transport Minister, Zouhair Khzeim, discussed Friday with his Iraqi counterpart, Razzaq al-Saadawi, means to boost cooperation and coordination relations between the two brotherly countries.

Khzeim stressed the importance of supporting every step that strengthens joint Arab action, expressing his thanks and appreciation for all Iraqi humanitarian contributions and efforts to provide aid to mitigate the impact of the devastating earthquake hit Syria last February.

He stressed the importance of Syria’s geographical site as an international connection node, its view of the Mediterranean Sea and its vital outlets with neighboring countries.

For his part, Minister Al-Saadawi stressed the importance of uniting the efforts of the two countries and their cooperation to integrate transport modes and invest in their geographical location, affirming work to strengthen cooperative and coordinated relations across all modes of land and rail transportation, in a manner that serves both countries.

The meeting, which was attended by the Syrian Ambassador to Baghdad, Sattam Jadaan al-Dandah, and the administrative and technical delegation of the Ministry of Transport, also discussed ways to develop transit traffic and simplify procedures and overcome all the obstacles it faces, in addition to discussing rail and road connection issues between the two countries.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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