The Arab American University and Jawwal Company sign a memorandum of understanding

Ramallah – Together – The Arab American University, represented by Dr. Baraa Asfour, Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs, and the Palestinian Telecommunications Company Jawwal, represented by Mr. Bahi Sawalha, Director of Human Resources Department, signed a memorandum of understanding with the aim of exchanging knowledge and experiences and providing training and employment opportunities for university students.

The agreement was signed on the university campus in Ramallah, in the presence of Professor Dr. Muhammad Asiya, Vice President of the University for the Ramallah Campus, Professor Muhammad Sabaaneh, Director of the Student Affairs Department, Professor Qais Obaid from the Student Affairs Department, and on behalf of the Palestinian Telecommunications Company, the mobile phone of Mr. Alaa Hijazi, Head of the Business Support Department, and Mr. Thaer Abu Bakr, Business Sector Manager.

This step comes within the framework of the Arab American University’s efforts to enhance cooper
ation with local companies to provide job opportunities for students, stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship, and develop students’ skills to facilitate their entry into the labor market. It is also consistent with the mission of the Palestine Telecommunications Company to achieve broader participation in the educational sector, attract student competencies, provide them with training opportunities, and raise their capabilities and capabilities.

Prof. Dr. expressed Muhammad Asia expressed the importance of this agreement, stressing that this partnership comes within the framework of the university’s commitment to providing the highest levels of education and training to students in Palestine. He said: “We are committed to providing a stimulating educational environment that enables students to develop their skills and gain practical experiences in line with the trend towards fifth education. The university looks forward to strengthening partnerships with local community institutions by offering bilateral
programs in the future.”

For his part, Dr. said: Baraa Asfour: ‘The university offers modern programs that keep pace with technological and digital development. We seek to qualify our students to successfully face the challenges of the labor market.’ He added: “The Arab American University and the Palestine Telecommunications Company agree on a leadership approach in the field of technology and digitization, and we are keen to always be at the forefront.”

In turn, Bahi Sawalha stressed the company’s interest in developing students’ skills and raising their efficiency, and its focus on partnerships with Palestinian universities. He said: This agreement is considered an important step towards building bridges of cooperation between the academic and private sectors, and we are confident that this cooperation will contribute to enhancing students’ competencies and developing their capabilities. In all fields, the most important of which is information and communications technology, which will enhance innovation
and development in Palestine.’

It should be noted that under the agreement, Palestine Telecommunications Company Jawwal will provide paid training opportunities for university students and graduates, and the university will also provide scholarships to the company’s employees for master’s degrees.

Source: Maan News Agency

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