The Audio Education Complex organizes activities of “Arab Deaf Week 2022”

The Arab Deaf Week activities will begin on Sunday morning at the Audio Education Complex (boys and girls) – specialized schools affiliated with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education – and will last from April 24-27, 2022.

The activities come within the annual celebration of the Arab Deaf Week in its 47th session under the slogan “Inclusion of sign language in the curricula of education in all its stages”, in the presence of the Society’s affiliates, schools, parents and the media.

The activities of the “Arab Deaf Week ” at the Audio Education Complex (for girls) include “Success Story,” “Owners of Golden Fingers,” a debate session titled “Together we defy difficulties,” and an art exhibition entitled “Speaking Paintings” for students with hearing disabilities, prepared by the Visual Arts Department. Besides, the Department of Social Studies and the Department of Visual Arts prepared a recycling session titled “A Waste-Free Society.”

At the headquarters of Al-Khwarizmi Primary School for Girls, there will be a workshop on sign language and its fundamentals, as well as a workshop on “Signal Multiplication Table”. The students from early education will present stories in sign language and Audiologists present “Differentiating between hearing aids and cochlear implants” to visitors and staff of the complex.

On the other hand, there is a debate titled “University Education for People with Hearing Disabilities” aimed at preparatory and secondary students as well as complex employees. There is also an interview with the Audio Education complex’s graduates, and a message from parents to their children.

At the boys site, the following are some of the activities of the Audio Education Complex (for boys): training workshops in sign language using “Microsoft Times” platform, the visual arts competition, which aims to present school participations and select the best art projects. Besides, there is a cultural competition presented electronically between the complex students and their parents. Moreover, an electronic, cultural, religious competitions, as well as sports event that includes sporting activities, competitions, and well-known sports figures.

On the other hand, field trips to inclusion schools such as Ahmed Mansour Primary School and Abu Obeida Preparatory School for Boys would be held with the goal of spreading sign language and dealing with deaf culture in public schools. There will be some external visitors, such as a delegation from the Qatari Social Cultural Center for the Deaf, who will participate in discussion sessions and class visits.

Among the activities of the “Arab Deaf Week” at the Audio Education Complex (boys), there is a cohabitation day for students’ parents to attend the lessons, and to conduct a dialogue with the model employee Mr. Saeed Al-Marri to talk about two main points: qualifying the deaf for the labor market, and the labor market itself (the reality and challenges), The program will also be implemented for instilling values in the students of the complex, which is prepared and presented by “Eid Cultural Center” in cooperation with the Islamic Education Department in the complex.

A panel discussion entitled “Educating the Deaf, Reality and Challenges” will also be organized for the Department of Psychological Sciences at the College of Education at Qatar University, the employees of the Audio Education Complex, and the students of the complex. It will be presented by: Dr. Samir Samreen – Sign Language Expert, and Dr. Abdel Monsef Badr, at the “Special Education and Gifted Students” Department at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, and Dr. Amal Mahmoud – Audiologist at Hamad Medical Corporation.

Awareness videos translated in sign language entitled “Educating the Deaf” will be released at the conclusion of the event program.

The Arab Week for the Deaf is held annually at the end of April with the goal of focusing on deaf issues, creating awareness of their rights and capabilities, providing them with full care, and helping deaf people to empower themselves in the society as well as showing the world their talents and potential.

Source: Ministry of Education

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