The Civil Defense puts out a fire in a hotel in central Baghdad and rescues more than 20 guests

The Civil Defense teams put out a fire inside “Al-Tadhamon” hotel in Al-Bataween area in central Baghdad, and rescued more than 20 guests, including children.

A statement by the Directorate of Civil Defense stated that the fire brigades stormed the floors of the hotel and carried out searches for the injured and evacuated all of them to the roof of the building, and provided them with first aid and pulmonary resuscitation after recording cases of fainting as a result of inhaling the products of the fire, in conjunction with the implementation of extinguishing operations and cordoning off the fire inside the burning hotel.”

According to the statement, the civil defense teams secured the transfer of an infant to a nearby hospital, after he was subjected to severe suffocation, and finished their work without recording any human losses, while an investigation was opened to find out the reasons for the outbreak of the fire initially.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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