The Kuwaiti Court of Appeal closes the file of journalist Halima Boland and acquits her of the charges against her

Dubai, The Kuwaiti Court of Appeal, headed by Counselor Abdullah Al-Othman, issued a decisive decision in the case of the famous Kuwaiti journalist Halima Boland, abstaining from pronouncing Boland’s sentence and canceling the previous ruling that imposed her imprisonment for two years. This ruling also included the other defendant in the case, a Kuwaiti citizen.

Informed sources confirmed that the acquittal of Halima Boland and the closure of the case file by abstaining from pronouncing the ruling was due to both parties waiving their rights to her.

Journalist Halima Boland was imprisoned because she faced accusations of immorality and debauchery, which included disputes and bargaining with prosecutor Muhammad Al-Balushi.

In the context of this case, according to informed media sources, a bargain amount of one and a half million dollars was made.

The court issued a two-year prison sentence for Boland, in addition to a similar two-year prison sentence for the plaintiff, while the day before yesterday, Sun
day, the two parties made mutual concessions, and the court decided to refrain from pronouncing the ruling.

Kuwaiti lawyer Maryam Al-Bahr revealed the details of Halima Boland’s defense in the case in which she was involved, as a result of which she was imprisoned for several continuous weeks, since her arrest in the beginning of last May, until she was acquitted one day ago.

Maryam Al-Bahr expressed her astonishment at what she heard during the course of the case, explaining that she took over the defense of Halima Boland, with whom she had a close friendship from the beginning of the case until its end, pointing out that she was at the head of the work team of her lawyers in her own office, and she was the one who provided them with all the data necessary to resolve the case. It also opened and concluded the defense case.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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