The Minister of Agriculture meets with a number of general directors of Oxfam around the world

Ramallah – Together – within the framework of communication, strengthening partnerships, bringing in more funding, and conveying the government’s message and directions to the world and to the government’s international partners, the Minister of Agriculture, Professor Rizq Salimiyeh, met with a number of general directors of the Oxfam Foundation in Denmark, Canada, Britain, and Quebec, and media professionals accompanying the delegation headed by Engineer Mustafa Tamiza. Director of the Economic and Justice Department at the Oxfam Palestine office, Fada Al-Husseini is a project manager at the organization.

Minister Salimiyeh focused on the agricultural scene in Gaza and the West Bank, with a special focus on Area C, noting the importance of addressing the great challenges faced by farmers and the agricultural sector recently in light of the escalation of Israeli aggression and settler attacks.

One of the objectives of the meeting was to explore effective strategies and partnerships different from before in
light of the changes that are developing successively, and in light of the increasing need for emergency interventions, with the necessity of maintaining the momentum of development and development interventions, as development under occupation is not easy and the end of occupation is the beginning of development. Economic development in Palestine in general and in Area C in particular.

Salimiyeh provided the visiting delegation with a comprehensive understanding of the agricultural situation politically, socially, economically and developmentally, including the damage and its impact on farmers and broader issues such as the effects of climate change on agriculture, identifying urgent and emergency needs and solutions, strategies to confront these challenges, and the necessity of launching targeted programs and calling for changes in policies to support the sector’s resilience. Its sustainability and response to the crises that befall it.

The discussions were fruitful and led to steps that will be implement
ed and move forward towards further support and promotion of agriculture and development in both Gaza and the West Bank.

In turn, Engineer Tamiza spoke about the history of partnership and work with the Ministry of Agriculture and the many projects that have been implemented and are under implementation. He welcomed the Ministry’s demands for more cooperation and coordination and more parallels to recovery and sustainability in light of the geopolitical and dramatic changes on the ground.

As for the visiting delegation from the partners of the Ministry of Agriculture in Oxfam around the world, they all affirmed their absolute support for the efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture, its directions, and the adoption of its plans, especially with regard to the southern governorates and Area C, and they promised to make more efforts to provide the necessary support.

Source: Maan News Agency

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