The Parliamentary Women’s Committee Hosts The Australian Ambassador

The Parliamentary Women, Family and Childhood Committee, headed by Representative Donia Abdul-Jabbar Al-Shammari, the head of the committee, and in the presence of its members, hosted today Sunday, the Australian Ambassador Paula Ganley, at the committee’s headquarters in the House of Representatives.

The Parliamentary Media Department stated: “They discussed the role of Iraqi women and how to support and enable them to practice and activate their work in society, where MP, Al-Shammari affirmed the support of the committee to work with all parties that would strengthen Iraqi women by supporting them financially, socially and politically by organizing rehabilitating courses for them as they are the main element in the structure of the exemplary Iraqi family, noting that the committee is in the process of submitting a draft child protection law after holding many seminars and hosting parties to vote on it soon.

On the other hand, during the hosting, the strategy recently approved by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers was discussed, which recommends giving and providing all that Iraqi women deserve and enable them to participate in all areas of political and social life. For her part, the Ambassador praised the role of Iraqi women despite all the difficulties and challenges they face, confronting these challenges and assuming many sovereign and leadership positions, affirming the embassy’s support for Iraqi woman and the possibility of finding opportunities for cooperation through holding continuous meetings and dialogues to advance the cultural and social reality of Iraqi women.

Al-Shammari expressed her thanks and happiness for this visit, wishing for continued cooperation by providing programs that support women, support childhood, and contribute to the preparation and correction of laws related to them in line with the customs and traditions prevailing in the country./ End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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