The President of the Republic congratulates on the World Press Freedom Day

The President of the Republic, Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid, congratulated the World Press Freedom Day.

He said in a statement: We extend our warmest congratulations to journalists in Iraq and the world on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, wishing everyone creativity and brilliance in performing their noble media message.

On this occasion, we recall the need to provide an appropriate atmosphere for free and responsible media thought in order to reach lofty goals in solving the problems that our societies suffer from, and this requires concerted constructive efforts to create cultural and media climates that diagnose the negatives, give solutions, and impartially adopt the positives.

The President affirmed that granting responsible freedom to present opinions and ideas to journalists and to exercise their role without restriction or censorship reflects the principled commitment to the foundations of democracy for which journalists have made generous sacrifices over the years, and at the same time the negative impact of media on the approach of our societies and the reporting of facts and events must be reduced, and the necessity of commitment with professionalism and objectivity, we also call for the adoption of laws that provide protection for journalists and media workers from the pressures they are subjected to, and to stand by them in performing their benevolent role in building society, its progress and prosperity.

He continued: We salute with reverence and admiration the martyrs of the press who made sacrifices and courageous stances in conveying the truth and the truthful word and confronting terrorism, injustice, tyranny and slavery, wishing all media professionals to continue their national approach in consolidating the role of the media and strengthening solidarity, bonds and cohesion among our one people … Every year, the journalists are blessed with goodness Safety and peace.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency