The President Of The Republic Expresses His Hope For The Formation Of A Council For Trade And Economic Cooperation With Italy

The President of the Republic, Abdu al-Latif Jamal Rashid, expressed his hope for the formation of a council for trade and economic cooperation with Italy.

A statement by the President’s Office stated: The President of the Republic received today the Italian Minister of Defense, Guido Crosto, in the presence of the Italian Ambassador, Maurizio Griganti.

It added that during the meeting, ways of enhancing security cooperation relations between the two countries were discussed.

Rashid stressed: the depth of relations with Italy, noting that Iraq seeks more cooperation and benefit from technological expertise in the field of water and the environment, in addition to expanding partnership frameworks in the areas of training and preparation of security forces, and coordinating efforts to combat terrorism and extremism.

He explained: The government has an intensive program that gives priority to consolidating security and stability, which is a basic pillar for implementing the government program, developing public services and infrastructure and encouraging investment opportunities, noting that Iraq has previously suffered from wars, terrorism and violence and today enjoys security and stability.

The President of the Republic expressed his hope for the formation of a council for trade and economic cooperation with Italy, praising its role in supporting the Iraqi people in their war against ISIS and their efforts to protect their security and stability.

For his part, Minister Crosto affirmed: Italy’s keenness to continue its support for Iraq and its desire to deepen the foundations of relations to include many areas, especially in the areas of security, intelligence, environment, water and industry, in a way that achieves the supreme interests of the two countries, expressing his happiness for the positive developments that Iraq is witnessing, especially in the field of consolidating security and stability.’

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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