The so-called ‘legal representative of ISIS’ arrested in northern Baghdad

Baghdad, Detachments of the Federal Intelligence and Investigation Agency arrested the so-called “legitimate representative of the terrorist ISIS” in the north of the capital, Baghdad.

An intelligence statement said that its detachments “in Salah al-Din Governorate carried out a qualitative operation characterized by accuracy and speed, and in accordance with accurate intelligence information and field follow-up, which resulted in the arrest of the so-called (legal representative of the ISIS terrorist organization) in northern Baghdad after setting up a precise ambush for him in the Samarra region.”

He added, “When interrogated, he frankly confessed to having carried out several terrorist operations, including detonating explosive devices against the awakening forces, attacking the local police in the Tarmiyah area, and killing one of the sheikhs of the area in 2017.”

The statement indicated that “the terrorist’s statements were judicially confirmed and he was referred to the competent judicial authorities
to receive his just punishment.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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