Three Drug Dealers And 17 Illegal Foreigners Arrested In 4 Governorates

The General Directorate of Intelligence and Security announced, today, Tuesday, the arrest of (3) drug dealers and the arrest of (17) violators of foreign nationalities in a number of governorates.

A statement by the directorate stated, “The detachments of Diwaniyah Intelligence and Security Directorate, affiliated with the General Directorate of Intelligence and Security of the Ministry of Defense, were able to arrest two drug dealers in the eastern Hamzah district of the city of Diwaniyah and seized various narcotic substances in their possession.

The statement added, “Detachments of Dhi Qar Intelligence and Security Directorate arrested one of those wanted by the judiciary in Dhi Qar Governorate on charges of drug trafficking, according to an arrest warrant issued against him.”

It continued that the detachments of Baghdad Intelligence and Security Directorate arrested (17) violators of residency requirements of foreign nationalities who entered the country illegally, in Al-Bataween area in Baghdad.

The statement pointed out, “Detachments of Diyala Intelligence and Security Directorate found a stack of equipment in the village of Al-Akidat in Al-Muqdadiya district, containing missiles and various launcher equipment.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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