Three Palestinians Martyred in Israeli Attacks on Gaza

Gaza, Three Palestinian citizens were martyred on Tuesday following two attacks by Israeli occupation forces targeting central and southern Gaza Strip.

According to local sources cited by the Palestinian news agency WAFA, medical teams and civilians managed to retrieve the body of one martyr and transport several injured individuals after Israeli airstrikes hit the Saudi neighborhood west of Rafah city in the southern part of the Strip.

Additionally, medical teams and civilians transported two martyrs to Al-Awda Hospital in the Nuseirat refugee camp, central Gaza Strip, after they were targeted by occupation forces near Wadi Gaza bridge.

The Israeli occupation continues its intense and unprecedented aggression on the Gaza Strip for the 256th consecutive day, launching dozens of airstrikes and bombardments by land and sea, committing bloody massacres against Palestinian civilians, and executing genocidal crimes in the areas of incursion. This has resulted in tens of thousands of martyrs, injured, and missing persons, causing immense destruction to infrastructure and vital facilities. Moreover, it has created an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe in the Strip due to the halt of food, water, medicine, and fuel supplies because of the occupation’s restrictions.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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