Tubas fans mourn the bodies of the martyrs Shahmawi and Daraghmeh

Today, Friday, the masses of Tubas Governorate and the Fara’a camp south of it mourned the bodies of the two martyrs, Muhammad Shahmawi and Muhammad Rasoul Daraghmeh, to their final resting place.

The funeral procession started from the Turkish Governmental Hospital in Tubas, in a massive public march, during which the funeral participants chanted phrases denouncing the crime of assassinating the two martyrs, and the continued crimes of the occupation and the war of genocide it is waging against the Gaza Strip.

The funeral procession toured the main street of the city of Tubas, before arriving at their homes, where their families and loved ones bid farewell to them, and then prayed for them, before they were laid to rest.

The occupation assassinated the martyr Daraghmeh, after pursuing his private vehicle, and firing a heavy barrage of bullets at it, which led to his immediate martyrdom, while the young man, Shahmawi, died as a result of his critical injury during the storming of Al-Fara’a camp.

The occu
pation stormed Al-Far’a camp after midnight last night for several hours, as a result of which violent confrontations and clashes broke out, and explosions were heard in the camp’s neighborhoods.

Later, the occupation stormed the city of Tubas, and this led to the deaths of the two martyrs, in addition to several injuries from live bullets. They were transferred to the Turkish Hospital in Tubas, to receive treatment

Source: Maan News Agency

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