Turkish MoD: 3 PKK militants killed in an air strike in northern Iraq

The Turkish Ministry of Defense announced the killing of three Kurdistan Workers’ Party militants in an air strike on one of the armed organization’s sites in Kara region in northern Iraq.

The Turkish Defense Ministry stated in a statement today, Wednesday, that its operations against the separatist Kurdistan Workers’ Party organization are continuing effectively and resolutely to eliminate terrorism at its source.

The Turkish Defense Ministry previously announced that it had targeted ISIS sites in the areas of Kara, Hakurk, Qandil and Assos in northern Iraq, in air operations that resulted in the destruction of 37 targets, including shelters, caves and warehouses used by the armed organization.

It indicated that the organization takes the Qandil Mountains in northern Iraq as its stronghold, and is active in many cities, regions and valleys, from which it launches attacks into the Turkish interior. Turkey is carrying out several operations to combat the PKK organization, which targets its forces and citize
ns, and is active in countries in the region, including Syria, Iraq, and Iran, according to what was stated in the statement.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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