UAE Embassy in Madrid presents UAE foreign policy pillars in a lecture at the Spanish Foundation for Strategic and International Studies

Sara Ghazi Al-Mahri, Chief of Economic, Political and Media Affairs at the UAE Embassy in Madrid, delivered a lecture at the Spanish Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (FESEI) entitled: “The United Arab Emirates’ Foreign Policy.” The speech aimed to introduce key pillars of the UAE’s foreign policy, which seeks to establish stability and promote global peace.

The lecture was attended by Miguel Álvarez de Eulate y Moreno, FESEI Director, a number of FESEI officials, and students from the Department of Geopolitical Studies atFESEI. Al-Mahri began the lecture with an overview of the UAE model and its foreign policy that has distinguished itself in the Arab world. She noted that this is an approach established by the country’s Founding Father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, in an effort to spread peace, tolerance,and coexistence.

Al-Mahri pointed to the UAE’s perspective in dealing with challenges by strengthening international solidarity and cooperation. Moreover, she underscored that the UAE focuses on achieving prosperity domestically and regionally. Al-Mahrinoted that the UAE believes multilateral cooperation is the most successful way to confront current and future challenges regionally and globally, such as climate change, women’s empowerment, technological progress, and combating terrorism and extremism. This is what makes the UAE a top-ranked country in numerous global indicators, she remarked.

Al-Mahri also discussed the UAE’s unwavering pursuit of international stability and development alongside global partners by working to transform challenges into opportunities and deal with them realistically and rationally. She added that the UAE’s foreign policy is based on building bridges and strengthening partnerships.

Al-Mahri spoke about the UAE’s role in achieving sustainable development in the Arab world, broader region, and worldwide, as the UAE is the largest donor of foreign aid globally. She noted that UAE aid has reached approximately140 countries.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation

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