Yeloworld Debuts in CIIE to Share the Way of Green Economical Development

SHANGHAI, Nov. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On November 10, 2022, the fifth China International Import Expo (“CIIE”) came to a successful conclusion.This is the debut show of Yeloworld in the CIIE, also the first public appearance of Yelolife regenerated packaging, the subsidiary brand of Yeloworld. Lead by the concept of “zero carbon leads a new life”, Yeloworld is actively exploring the way of green economical development, and endeavoring to fulfill sustainable development for economy and natural ecology.

Give Waste Plastic A New Life by Regeneration

Yelolife regenerated packaging was exhibited at the CIIE, which not only conveys the concept of environmental protection, carbon reduction and sustainability to the market, but also provides new ideas of green packaging in the industrial chain. Yelolife regenerated packaging offers size customization, and as tested, it has the same performance as original plastic packaging in terms of capacity, anti-skid coefficient and hardness.

Yelolife offers regenerated solutions for the whole life cycle of plastic packaging. Relying on the self-developed recycling platform, Yelolife conducts traceability data management on the recycling and regeneration process of waste plastics. All regenerated packaging are equipped with RFID chips, and a unique ID is applied for traceability management, with which users can look up the details of the raw materials and sources. At the same time, Yelolife has formulated plastic packaging classification, recycling, treatment and management standards, in order to realize the regeneration of plastic, to form a new packaging ecosystem covering material, production and recycling processes, and to create a closed cycle of plastic circular economy.

Promote Low-Carbon Green Development for the Industrial Chain via Recycled Packaging

The recycled packaging mode answers to the enterprises’ demand for low-carbon development and environmental protection. In this mode, Yeloworld provides enterprises with packaging circulation, recycling, maintenance, cleaning and distribution services. The Yeloflex management platform sets up special accounts for upstream and downstream enterprises, and provides professional services and systematic technical support. All enterprises can initiate packaging leasing and recycling through the Yeloflex management platform and realize online data collaboration, accordingly, it can stimulate the palletized transportation potential of the whole industrial chain to the greatest extent, greatly improve the operation efficiency, and promote green development.

As a leading industrial IoT service enterprise, Yeloworld has now become a comprehensive company of recycling packaging, logistics, warehouse, waste plastic recycling and supply chain services. Its brands include Yeloflex management platform, Yelopack, Yelotour, Yelospace and Yelolife. With continuous investment in scientific research and innovation, Yeloworld has solved the obstinate problems in the packaging industry.

Yeloworld has been advocating the values of recycling and regeneration, low carbon and environmental protection in its development strategy, and undertaking social responsibilities and missions. In the future, Yeloworld will work together with more like-minded partners to continuously enrich the green supply and explore more commercial value, to meet the demand of low-carbon packaging and to realize the comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable development for resources, environment, economy and society.

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