French INRAP Discovers 640-Year-Old Castle with Moat Found Under Hotel in France

Paris, The French National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research (INRAP) announced the discovery of a 14th century castle – complete with a moat – under a hotel in Vannes, France.

The castle, which has been identified as the ChSteau de l’Hermine, was built by John IV the Conqueror in the 1380s.

In addition, excavators found dozens of objects related to the daily life of the castle, including coins, cooking dishes and jewelry. The humidity of the area also preserved remarkable wooden items, including fragments of barrels.

The archaeologists conducted a deep survey in the moat, INRAP reported, adding that from this very wet material, they extracted rich furniture.

“The excavation revealed little by little the plan of the ground floor: the ducal house, 42 meters long and 17 meters wide (out of work), is endowed with walls of an exceptional thickness,” INRAP explained.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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