Lebanon’s Caretaker Prime Minister Affirms Keenness to Halt Israeli Ongoing Breaches of Lebanon’s Sovereignty

Beirut, Lebanon’s Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati affirmed on Tuesday that his country continues to de-escalate the situation and to stop the constant breaches of Lebanon’s sovereignty, in addition to the systematic killings and destruction being committed by the Israeli entity.

During his meeting with the US special envoy to Lebanon Amos Hochstein, Mikati added that Beirut does not seek escalation, stressing that stopping the persistent Israeli aggression on Lebanon is required immediately so as to maintain calm and stability in the south of Lebanon.

For his part, Hochstein said the work is ongoing to avert escalation between the Israeli entity and Lebanon, adding that the region is going through dangerous times and critical moments that precipitate collective action to find a way for de-escalation.

The Israeli entity continues to target villages and towns in southern Lebanon, concurrently with the ongoing Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip. The persistent onslaught in southern Lebanon resulted in civilian casualties and forcing families to flee their homeland.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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