Over 100 Palestinians Martyred in New Occupation’s Massacre at Jabalya Camp

Gaza, Over 100 Palestinians were martyred in a new massacre committed by the Israeli occupation forces on Saturday at Jabalya camp central Gaza Strip.

The Israeli occupation’s war planes bombarded a 6-storey residential building and demolished it on top of its residents, resulting in the martyrdom of 100 Palestinians with scores of casualties while others are still missing under the rubble, according to local sources.

The sources added that the residential building harbors between 120 and 150 Palestinians, alongside numerous families who took shelter there, pointing out that volunteers and several civil defense crews are searching under the rubble using primitive means to retrieve the victims’ bodies.

Following the end of the temporary pause last Friday, the Israeli occupation forces continue to launch dozens of airstrikes and demolish homes on the heads of residents in various parts of Gaza Strip, resulting in the fall of hundreds of martyrs and wounded with dozens of them still under the rubble of the devastated homes.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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