“Palestine Al-Khair” holds a training course for public relations and media managers in the National Security Forces

Ramallah Together – Yesterday, Monday, the Palestine Al-Khair Foundation held a training course for public relations and media managers in the National Security Forces from all governorates, on the impact of images and news in the media and social networking sites on Palestinian public opinion, at the headquarters of the National Security Forces in Ramallah Governorate. And beer.

This came in joint cooperation between the National Security Forces and the Palestine Good Foundation, in the presence of the Director General of the Palestine Good Foundation, Rula Salama, Advisor to the Commander of the National Security Forces and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Palestine Good Foundation, retired Major General Saada Saada, and the Director of the Public Relations and Media Division in National Security, Brigadier General Hatem Waked. And public relations and media directors in National Security from all governorates.

The Director General of the Palestine Al Khair Media Foundation, Rola Salama, opened t
he training course, welcoming the participants. She praised the great efforts made by the National Security Forces in the field of social responsibility, which resulted in a strong partnership between the Palestine Al Khair Foundation and the National Security Forces in general and the Scientific Committee in particular for a period of time. For more than ten years, I talked about the positive and tangible results for the Palestinian citizen over the past years, which culminated in the construction, restoration, maintenance, equipping and furnishing of hundreds of homes in various governorates of the country, as well as dozens of different initiatives, which included in-kind assistance, clothing, toys, and food and relief materials for shelter homes and social care institutions.

She pointed out the great role that the picture, the news, and the Palestine Charity Program play in documenting the event, and documenting the positive change that is clearly visible for the families targeted for assistance, as we a
t the Palestine Charity Foundation, in partnership with the National Security Forces, were able to enter thousands of needy homes that were living in extremely difficult economic and social conditions. They need support and support, and we were able, through our efforts and the efforts of our charitable partners, to bring about the required change and add a state of security and security to the lives of these families.

Salama also touched on the ethical and professional standards in transmitting and documenting images and news and the importance of preserving the dignity and privacy of families.

It was also talked about the necessity of having the necessary competence and qualifications for media professionals and workers in the Public Relations and Media Department so that they have the ability to deal with images in all their forms and harness them for their service, as well as collecting accurate information and statistics, taking all data and the necessity of maintaining its confidentiality, as this is
a great trust and responsibility. Great moral.

In turn, Major General Saada Saada praised the joint cooperation between the National Security Forces and the Palestine Charity Foundation, and their great and humanitarian role in serving our Palestinian people, and that media and public relations are an important and necessary means to communicate and convey these great efforts being made in the field to support and support the Palestinian citizen.

The Director of the Public Relations and Media Division, Brigadier General Hatem, pointed out and stressed the importance of the humanitarian role supporting the Palestinian citizen and the importance of the role played by his department, which does not hesitate to build relations with all institutions in the country and build partnerships with them, including the importance of spreading the national security message to preserve the security of the citizen and support him. And to provide safety for him, his family, and all the people of the country. He emphasized t
he professionalism, ethics, and humility that a security man must possess, and the role that falls on his shoulders in building trust with our Palestinian people. He praised the important role of the Palestine Good Foundation in changing the stereotyped image of the national security man, as he stressed. There is a need to qualify and train those in charge of the public relations and media departments in National Security to deal with images and news and convey them to the Palestinian public in their correct form.

At the end of the training, the floor was opened for discussion, where everyone praised the importance of this type of training in order to benefit from the expertise of the partners, with the aim of developing performance and providing the youth of the Public Relations and Media Division with many skills in order to develop performance. Talks about traditional media and its advantages, new media, the World Wide Web, and communication platforms were also discussed. Social media, its advantages and
risks, and the importance of interacting with the public and building and maintaining trust.

It was agreed to hold a series of training exercises during the coming weeks in all governorates of the country.

Source: Maan News Agency

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