Palestinian Ministry of Health: 161 Palestinians Martyred, 1,000 Injured in Gaza Due to Israeli Shelling

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that 161 Palestinians were killed while nearly 1,000 persons have been injured since the onset of the Israeli air strikes on Gaza Saturday morning.

The death toll of the Palestinian martyrs along with the injured Palestinians who have been hospitalized until this moment is distributed as follows: in Gaza City alone 35 martyrs and approximately 160 injuries, in Khan Yunis 45 martyrs and approximately 180 injuries, in the north 40 martyrs and approximately 200 injuries, and in the central region of the Strip 29 martyrs, according to a statement of the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

The statement added that there were approximately 311 injuries, while in the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, there were 12 martyrs and approximately 80 injuries.

The total number of injuries in all Gaza governorates reached 931, while the number of martyrs in all governorates reached 161 until this moment, the statement outlined.

This comes on the heels of the persistent Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip since Saturday morning, followed by the Israeli escalation of assaults on Palestinians in various areas in the West Bank with the security measures being entirely enforced in the occupied Jerusalem and the perimeter of Al Aqsa Mosque, as well as military barricades in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, Israeli media reported that dozens of Israeli people were killed and hundreds were injured as a result of intensive and persistent rocket barrages launched by the Palestinian resistance towards Israeli settlements military sites.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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