Qatar Chamber Holds Workshops on Financial Literacy and Digital Entrepreneurship

Doha: The Qatar Chamber, in cooperation with the Young Entrepreneurs Club (under the umbrella of the Ministry of Sports and Youth), held two workshops titled ‘The Financial Literacy’ and ‘Skills of Digital Entrepreneurship’.

The workshops were part of the ‘Empower Ability’ program, an initiative by the Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC) designed to empower individuals with educational disabilities. The initiative aims to help them achieve their career ambitions through comprehensive training and volunteering program that harness their talents.

In the opening remarks, Director of Research and Studies Department at Qatar Chamber Noora Al Awlan emphasized the Chamber’s commitment to hosting these workshops to support entrepreneurship, particularly individuals with educational disabilities.

She noted that the Chamber strives to help them to launch their own projects, which will contribute to enhancing the country’s economic activity in the future.

She added that the workshops will contribute to enhancing
the participants’ financial literacy, providing them with the necessary financial skills that will help them start their projects as entrepreneurs, as well as enhancing digital entrepreneurship skills for those wishing to establish technological projects.

Assistant Director of Administrative and Financial Affairs at Qatar Chamber Maryam Ali Al Srour said that the Chamber was keen to participate in the ‘Empower Ability’ program and join hands with other concerned parties.

She added that the Chamber sought to develop high-quality strategies and standards, and provide trainers to raise awareness of financial culture, product development, innovation in all aspects, and enhance digital entrepreneurship skills.

It is noteworthy that ‘Empower Ability’ is a comprehensive program designed to empower individuals facing learning difficulties, with a primary focus on the development of essential skills and abilities.

It additionally provides training opportunities that enable participants to contribute effectively to
event organization and interact with audiences, enhancing their social and communication skills crucial for workforce integration and success.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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