Rwandan President: Rwanda Has Strategic Partnership with Qatar to Execute Significant Projects for Both Economies

Doha: HE President of the Republic of Rwanda Paul Kagame emphasized that Rwanda has a strategic partnership with the State of Qatar to implement various significant projects for the economies of both countries.

During a panel discussion held via video conferencing during the second day of the 6th edition of the Global Security Forum currently held in Doha, His Excellency spoke about examples of the most prominent joint projects, including expanding airline routes, strengthening the partnership with Qatar Airways, and rebuilding Kigali International Airport according to the highest standards and specifications.

He also addressed the most prominent economic challenges facing the Republic of Rwanda and the extent of the possibility of investing in human resources, which is a major priority in his country. He noted the need to strengthen governance and security, as both matters are necessary to achieve the concept of stability.

HE the President of the Republic of Rwanda said that achieving unity is the bedrock
upon which investment in people is built, as human capital comes through investment in education, health, food security, technological polarization, and other industries that make our economy vital, citing what his country was exposed to during certain historical stages.

He pointed out that Africa today constitutes 25 percent of the global population, which constitutes a necessity not to waste this wealth and benefit from it in the correct manner, urging African countries to work together to solve the problems that are being faced in the correct way, to enhance the concept of peace, stability, and benefit from previous experiences so as not to repeat them again.

HE the President of the Republic of Rwanda stressed the necessity of cooperation to establish peace and stability, maintain societal security in Africa, and find consensual solutions that achieve a positive impact on the ground.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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