Spanish Prime Minister: There are indications in Europe of readiness to recognize a Palestinian state

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez confirmed that there are ‘clear indications’ in Europe that the countries of the continent are ready to recognize a Palestinian state.

This came during a press conference he held with his Norwegian counterpart, Jonas Gahr Storhe, today, Friday, as part of his diplomatic campaign to mobilize support for the recognition of a Palestinian state.

Sanchez said during the conference, “We are ready to recognize the State of Palestine, as soon as possible, with full membership in the United Nations.”

He stressed the need to reach an urgent ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and allow humanitarian institutions to work without any threat, stressing that “more violence and killing of civilians cannot be allowed in Gaza.”

For his part, the Norwegian Prime Minister stressed that his country is ready to recognize a Palestinian state and support its membership in the United Nations.

Spain, Ireland, Malta, and Slovenia announced last month that they would work jointly to recognize the Pales
tinian state

Source: Maan News Agency

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