The Board of Directors of the Palestinian Prisoner Club, elected at the eighth conference of the association, holds its first meeting

Ramallah – Together – Today, Tuesday, the Board of Directors of the Palestinian Prisoner Club, which was elected from the eighth conference of the association held on May 18, 2024, held its first meeting for this session, where a number of current central issues in following up on the issue of prisoners, and the major challenges, were discussed. The issue is taking place in light of the ongoing war of extermination against our people in Gaza, the unprecedented escalation of the occupation’s crimes against prisoners and detainees, and the escalation of daily arrest campaigns.

The issue of Gaza detainees was the most prominent issue that was discussed, and the possibilities available for making any breakthrough in this issue, in addition to the great challenges facing Palestinian human rights institutions in following up on the issue, on several levels.

The attendees discussed the most prominent conclusions and results within the framework of the process of evaluating the ongoing work on the prisoners’ issue,
specifically at this exceptional stage, in a new attempt to rearrange the priorities of the current action plan regarding a group of issues, especially with regard to international human rights follow-up, in light of the number of major transformations surrounding the issue. Palestinian.

During the meeting, it was agreed to distribute the tasks assigned to each member of the Board of Directors, as Abdullah Al-Zaghari was chosen as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Palestinian Prisoner Club Association, Suleiman Al-Zuhri as First Vice-President of the Club, Nasser Qaws as Second Vice-President of the Club, Mahmoud Sawafta as Secretary, and Raed Abu Al-Homs is treasurer, Raed Amer is responsible for the International Relations Department, Amjad Al-Najjar is responsible for the Public Relations and Media Department and spokesman for the association, and Abdel-Al Al-Anani is responsible for the freed prisoners’ department, while the case of female prisoners Zahra Qaroush will be followed up, and Ragheb A
bu Diak is general supervisor of the Martyr Abu Jihad Training College. Al-Muhanni, Qaddoura Fares, head of the Prisoners’ Affairs Commission, as a member, Nasser Shaloun, a member, and Faisal Shuraim, a member.

The attendees emphasized the number of recommendations presented by the association’s general body during the eighth conference, and the necessity of translating them in order to develop the institution’s work to serve prisoners and their families.

Source: Maan News Agency

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